Windows 10 redflag of the "updates swingers club"

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    Windows 10 appears to be sharing your upload bandwidth by "default" which may affect your online Gaming:confused:...I know some of you use Xbones, but if you have a PC in the house on windows 10 it will still take your bandwidth. "WUDO" (windows update delivery optimization) Is kinda of mysterious like the Scooby doo mystery machine parked across the street. Any ways, "DoSvc" (WUDO) creates a "listener" port and a "receiver" port.....and can use your previous updates to upload to other PC's on the internet. Upload is essential since it is what sends YOU into the gameplay and can cause lag.

    From Windows 10:

    Right click home button-->settings-->update and security-->windows update...then click advanced options-->Choose how updates are delivered-->"updates from more than one place"(kind of a "updates swingers club" per se)--> slide left to "off" if you don't want this......which I don't since they didn't ask in the installation.

    -Have a great day you rebel scum


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