XB1 New to Battlefront would like to meet some cool peeps

Discussion in 'Looking for a Group / Party-Up' started by Gilliganagain, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. Gilliganagain

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    Just got it and been tryin out all the game modes. Can somebody tell me the best one? I think theyre all pretty badass. Been gamin alot of multiplayer but am down for anything. GT- Gilliganagain
  2. Bruvas

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    I'm a fan of Fighter Squadron, Walker Assault, Supremacy, Heroes and Villains.... Hell, most of the game modes are pretty good :D
  3. A4eaTransformer

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    I love Fighter Squadron, supremacy but Blast is the default. Lately I have been playing mostly fighter squadron as that seems to be where I place the highest on the board and my ego needs a break from always being last on the ground based modes especially Blast. My only defence is that I am trying out all the different cards and some get you killed easily until you know how to optimize their use and match them to the scenario.

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