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  1. Carlos
    I'll give this site one more day before I make the upgrade to xenForo 2.0.
  2. Archeress Of Death
    Archeress Of Death
    New And Have No Idea What I'm Doing
  3. Carlos
    I'm working on ironing out some kinks at the moment.
  4. Carlos
    I'll fix the spam soon. Relax, everything will be okay.
  5. Luke Havo
    Luke Havo
    On XBOX ONE GT: Littlehavo
  6. Xxkings4dxX
    Anyone wanna play private match heroes v villains. Message me on Xbox Xxkings4dxX
  7. JonS_1583
    at about eight subs hoping to grow stronger!
  8. Yetti
  9. Numenorean
    I enjoy games... that's all you need to know so far.
  10. callumgl92
    You rebel scum !!!
    Searching for members!
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  12. kingjudah12
    Add me Xbox1 kingjudah12
  13. Lord Atom
    Lord Atom
    Bow down to the First Order!
  14. Sam Smith
    Sam Smith
    Black Leader - Commander Dameron.
  15. sgt rawk
    sgt rawk
    I was thought it was the BEST. THING. EVER.
  16. sgt rawk
    sgt rawk
    How good was it? omg omg omg omg
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    2. Bruvas
      Still, a robot on a desert planet with vital rebel info getting 'saved' by someone who doesn't know they have the force, then Han leading a patrol to take down the shields of a super weapon seconds before it blows up the rebels felt... Familiar? :D
      Dec 19, 2015
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    3. sgt rawk
      sgt rawk
      Yeah, big nods to the old star wars films...also there was a very apocalypse now shot in there with tie fighters out of the sun...I loved every minute of it though...
      Dec 21, 2015
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  17. Bruvas
    Counting down the hours to the film. Woke the kids with the star wars theme this morning to get them hyped :D
  18. Bruvas
    The force awakens tomorrow!!!!
  19. sgt rawk
    sgt rawk
    Oh wait, standard time? So northern hemisphere then...:)
  20. sgt rawk
    sgt rawk
    Eastern standard time...where? US, Aus?